Fey Nefeloma

Digital Tools: CLIP Studio Paint EX, Cintiq 13HD

Traditional tools: DELETER Manga paper, pens and inks, 0.5mm mechanical pencil, storyboard paper

Fey Nefeloma is a digital artist from Washington who does freelance work for a living. They are the author of Mnemoria and Goodnight among other comics. Their universal handle is Nocturne Nebula.

Fey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from TESC in 2017. They are particularly drawn to storytelling through comics and consider it a unique narrative form. Feed them iced coffee.

You can contact Fey at nocturnenebula@gmail.com or yell at them on twitter or something.


Freelance Artist: Several personal clients, 2010-present (see works)

Independent Contractor (web design): 2012-2015

Summer Art Class Instructor: July 2017- August 2017

Sakura-Con 2015: Small Press Exhibitor (April 3-5)