Onwards to 2019


I've spent the past few months working on my new website using a flat-file CMS called Yellow.

Basically, a CMS (content management system) is a type of software platform you use to build a website, specifically blogs, without much effort. Wordpress is like that but unlike Wordpress it doesn't require a database which is what I try to avoid because I'm lazy and hate doing anything requiring back-end development, and Wordpress has too many features that I don't need. I won't preach too much about Yellow so I'll just say it's done the job I wanted without a steep learning curve. I'm a simple man, I only need simple things.

For a while, I was using tumblr to do my blogging but after how clumsily they handled their whole NSFW content ban I decided to build my own blog.

So here we are— 2019. This would be the ~9th generation of my website's layout.

Hi, I'm Noct.


I'm an illustrator, comic artist and web designer. I post ad-free content on my blog including reviews, opinions on web design and art plus long form updates on my own content. A few of my articles are also available on Medium, but if you prefer micro-blogging you can follow me on my personal twitter at @noct_txt.