T.B. Harper

Illustration and Comics

Personal Demons (Demo)

Personal Demons is a ~2k words psychological horror kinetic visual novel demo to practice using Ren’py. I programmed and drew the art for the demo; the script was written by my friend toc. We’re still deciding on whether to turn this into a full project or not.

Set during his pre-transition years, Carmara has been stalked by a man named Ferrum ever since their fateful, terrifying encounter on the subway. After forcing Carmara‚Äôs hand into letting him intrude upon his life, Ferrum has been influencing him to “take back what the world owes him”. Unfortunately, the path he chooses requires tarnishing his pristine image, and it all starts with a small act of deception…

OCs Database

I have a lot of original characters that I like to share, so I built a small section for them on my website. Check it out!

2022 Sketchbook

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