Hello! I’m T.B. Harper, also known as nocturnenebula. I go by they/them.

I’m a Filipino-American artist who likes to tell stories through my art and sometimes through comics. I have a Bachelor of Arts (no major) and work as a full-time freelance artist. I love cats, guinea pigs, iced coffee, and wearing all black. I don’t really have much else to say‚Ķ I’m kind of a shy person lol.

NOTE: Please note I used to go by the pen names Fey Nefeloma and Fey Xiang, which is why you might see different names on my art. I no longer use these names.


Digital tools: CLIP Studio Paint EX, Cintiq 13HD

Traditional tools: 0.5mm mechanical pencils, whatever pen I have, some plain notebooks/sketchbooks, and this storyboard template

Scripting tools: Scrivener, Google Docs



  • Freelance Illustration (2010-present)
  • Character Illustration – Save the D8 (2022)
  • Character Illustration – Chibi Chibi Con (2018)
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