Icon Fey, aka “Nocturne Nebula” or “Noct” for short, is an NB (they/them) Filipino-American digital artist who specializes in storytelling through comics. Fey graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2017 with a BA but since there are no majors at that off-beat school, their declared Area(s) of Emphasis were Japanese Studies and Multimedia Art. They currently live in Washington and plan to stay there, working full-time as a freelancer.

Their biggest influence in art was video games, namely Jak and Daxter as the keystone for their artistic ambitions and manga being their main style of influence. They have an affinity towards demons, monsters and the creepy, preferring to “display the facets of humanity through their struggles but also because I love designing monsters”.

They love iced coffee, browsing photos of fancy pastries and collecting any miniature erasers that look like them.



Digital Tools: CLIP Studio Paint EX, Cintiq 13HD

Traditional tools: DELETER Manga paper, pens and inks; 0.5mm mechanical pencil and storyboard paper



  • Freelance Illustration (2010-present), Artist


  • Mnemoria (2017-present), Creator, Artist & Writer
  • Goodnight (2014-present), Creator, Artist & Writer

Web Design

  • Independent Contractor (2012-2015)
  • dreamself.me, Web Designer


  • Small Press Exhibitor (2015), Sakura-Con


  • Art Instructor (2017), IT STEP Academy