Icon Hello! I'm Blythe, also known as "Noct". I'm a Non-Binary (they/them) Filipino-American artist who likes to tell stories through comics. After graduating from The Evergreen State College in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts, I've been living and working in Washington as a full-time freelance artist and designer.

My biggest influence in art was video games, namely "Jak and Daxter", as the keystone for my artistic ambitions because I loved character design and the concept art you unlocked as you progressed through the game, but manga has been my main style of influence ever since. I also love to design websites, and it became my full-time job when I was going through college but nowadays I do it on a smaller scale, experimenting with the new technology that's been rapidly developing throughout the years.

Other things about me? Well, I love iced coffee, exploring urban complexes, watching miniature food videos, watching youtube gamers play the more scary games for me, window-shopping at patisseries, looking at fancy pastries, and collecting any miniature erasers that look like them.



Digital tools: CLIP Studio Paint EX, Cintiq 13HD

Traditional tools: DELETER Manga paper, DELETER pens and inks; 0.5mm mechanical pencil and storyboard paper

Designer tools: Laragon, Codepen, Figma, Photoshop CC, Campus Grid Notebooks, rulers and a pencil



  • Freelance Illustration (2010-present), Artist
  • Chibi Chibi Con Illustration (2018), Artist


  • Mnemoria (2017-present), Creator, Artist & Writer
  • Goodnight (2014-present), Creator, Artist & Writer

Web Design

  • nocturnenebula.com (2011-present),
  • mnemoria-comic.com (2017-present)
  • goodnight.nocturnenebula.com (2015-present)
  • dreamself.me (2014), Web Designer
  • Independent Contractor (2012-2015)


  • Small Press Exhibitor (2015), Sakura-Con


  • Art Instructor (2017), IT STEP Academy