Where to find me in 2022

Since it seems like twitter is— besides imploding upon itself— moving forward with a suppressive algorithm that’s going to hurt small time creators, I guess it’s time to make a new post for all my links and also use this blog more. I’ll be switching my support page to a links page soon, so these …

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Friendship ended with tinyletter

Now substack is my new best friend. You can now get all of my blog posts through my substack: Subscribe to it receive my blog’s posts directly into your inbox! If you saw my previous post about migrating to WordPress, you’re probably thinking “why are you using substack when you can just use a …

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Header - Alternatives to Gumroad

Alternatives to Gumroad

Edit 2 (3/24/22): Removed Namecheap from the list since they openly support NFTs now. Edit: Apparently allows physical merch, but not directly. Due to the recent events involving Gumroad planning on supporting NFTs and leaking people’s private info to own them on twitter, a lot of artists, writers and creators are turning towards building …

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Cozy Holidays Sale Ad

Cozy Holidays Commission Sale!

COZY HOLIDAYS SALE From Nov. 22nd thru Dec 13th Take 25% off your total order when you commission a flats, cel-shading or painting illustration. See all terms and conditions on my commission info page:

Moved to Etsy and!

My gumroad files and merch have been moved to Etsy and! Since gumroad had a lot of file size limits on content, I decided to set up shop on Everything there is available as PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT! As for my physical merchandise, the quality of Redbubble’s merch was so bad that I decided to set …

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New server

Hi there, if you haven’t noticed, my website was down for some time due to a server crash (that may not be recoverable (goodbye databases!) that wasn’t recoverable. For now, I’ve moved everything to a temporary server. Some things may still be broken or missing, but I’ll eventually get everything in order. Thanks for your …

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New gumroad products are available!

Two new pay-what-you-want products have been added to my Gumroad store! You can download them for free or tip me a lil’ something on Ko-Fi if you learned something new. 🙂 There’s a new link in my navigation that’ll take you to my store, go check it out!

Fan art bucket list

For personal reference. Series Black (Netflix K-Drama) Animated Series Avatar the Last Airbender Danny Phantom Ben 10 She-Ra Voltron: Legendary Defender Death Parade Xam’d Paranoia Agent Big O Little Witch Academia Trigun Inuyasha Cowboy Bebop Full Metal Alchemist (+OVA) Sailor Moon Trigun FLCL Animated Films Lilo & Stitch Treasure Planet Moana Coco Brave Spider-Man: Into …

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