Free Comic Storyboard Booklet

Hiya! I’ve made a free or pay-what-you-want PRINTABLE 24-page comic storyboard booklet for personal use. It comes in 300dpi A4 (210x297mm) and US Letter (8.5″x11″) sizes and has a manga (right-to-left) option.

This is for personal use only. Credit isn’t necessarily needed but appreciated, and you can remix and share your versions as long as you don’t try to sell it!

What’s Inside

Here is a TL;DR of the features:

  • Printable 300dpi PDFs in A4 (210x297mm) and US Letter (8.5″x11″) size
  • Comic (left-to-right) and Manga (right-to-left) version
  • 10 pages x 4 = 40 thumbnails/comic pages with bleed mockup
  • 6 sketch pages
  • 4 note pages
  • Raw JPEGs for custom printing

The Cover

This is the cover of the A4 Comic version. You can use this blank space to sketch out the cover! It includes the title, the chapter, page length, and the publisher (if you’re not self-published). In the raw files, there’s a spread for each version.


This is the meat of the booklet. There’s 4 thumbnails per page (with a mockup bleed*), and you get 10 pages of them plus little boxes below to number the pages. Want more thumbnails? The files contain the raw JPEGs for each page for custom printing, so print away!

*Try not to use the bleed (the blue lines) as an exact guide for your final pages. They’re only there for practice so they won’t line up with an actual storyboard template!


Need to sketch out some ideas or make on-the-fly refs? There’s 6 pages for you to do so, plus it includes room to write a title/subject line and the date for record purposes. I made it as blank as possible to give as much room as possible for sketching.


And finally, there’s 4 pages of notes for you to jot down notes, memos and ideas! The design was inspired by a Kokuyo Campus notebook, so it includes room to write a title plus a subtitle and the date for recording purposes.

Printing Advice

Please note: I can’t provide printing advice outside of the US, so I will mention some printing options for US only. This is meant for personal printing aka printing at home, so I can’t guarantee these will be accepted by print-on-demand printers such as Ka-Blam as-is.

However, you can get this printed at CatPrint on fancier paper at full-bleed for ~$20 (+tax and shipping), and it’s roughly cheaper at a Staples (~$14) or a Kinko’s (~$13) but note that Staples/Kinko’s does not do full-bleed printing for same-day printing; Staples will add a 0.5″ margin around the entire booklet and Kinko’s adds a small margin to the stapled sides as well.

So a little note on the manga version: if you’re not from Japan or don’t have the option to print from right-to-left, you’ll have to manually reverse the entire order of the booklet in order for it to turn out right; this is why I provided the raw JPEGs.


Fonts used: PT Sans (Bold and Regular)

Inspired by:

And that’s it!

If you liked this booklet, then feel free to throw me a couple at my Ko-Fi or at!