Friendship ended with tinyletter

Now substack is my new best friend.

You can now get all of my blog posts through my substack:

Subscribe to it receive my blog’s posts directly into your inbox!

If you saw my previous post about migrating to WordPress, you’re probably thinking “why are you using substack when you can just use a newsletter plugin”? Well, for security issues, to be honest. I don’t trust myself with that much data even if I’ve made sure to make my site as secure as possible. Also, tinyletter has a subscriber limit, which, to be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever hit, but I’ve made the switch to it just in case!

As for migrating to WordPress, it’s pretty much done! Everything should be intact now, with a few new spiffy upgrades (captions for images, mostly), and I’ve also revived the old domain for Goodnight which will just redirect to my blog post about why I’ve discontinued it. That’s all I have for today!