New server

Hi there, if you haven’t noticed, my website was down for some time due to a server crash (that may not be recoverable (goodbye databases!) that wasn’t recoverable. For now, I’ve moved everything to a temporary server. Some things may still be broken or missing, but I’ll eventually get everything in order. Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: Actually, I like it here a lot so I’ll be making this my permanent server from now on.


  • finally got the subnav for the works pages working
  • still working on some things missing from the blog section Done!
  • Goodnight couldn’t be recovered, so from now on it can be viewed here and here.
  • Mnemoria was partially recovered! But, it’ll need to be re-edited to remove my old pen name so it will be reuploaded much, much later. Done reuploading! Now back to it being on hiatus LOL