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Fairytale AU

To escape the clutches of an evil king, several allies flee with the princess in order to give her a new life, and to find a way to defeat him.

Main Cast



Recurring Cast


Head Priestess

Head Priestess of Siorai, and the tutor of Princess Emily. She harbors a dark secret of the old Fáinne.


Previous Fallen Grand Commander

The previous Grand Commander of the Fáinne whose cause of death was covered up by the king.


Exiled Priestess

The younger sister of Nagiko, she was cast out by her for embezzling the main temple’s donations.

Dr. Olivander

Bounty Hunter

A gambling man, he is in charge of the research on golems, stolen from a previous doctor who went mad.


Bounty Hunter

An infamous bounty hunter from a human tribe of bounty hunters, they’re out for Chimmney’s head.


Victim of Chimmney’s Wishes

An exiled noble, she is a victim of the consequences of one of Chimmney’s wishes.


Medicine Witch

A healer and a witch in possession of one of the pieces of an artifact that can find the Witch’s Tree.

Minor Cast


Royal Secretary of the Queen, Riagán’s cousin

The Royal Secretary of Queen Irena, he has no fear of the king and is having a secret affair with the queen.


Mortician, Caius’ uncle

The main guy who the king hires to “clean things up” for him, but is a soft-hearted, well-meaning man.


Water Witch

A water witch who works as a healer, she heals the group after a nasty incident with a poisonous toad.


Will o’ the Wisp Witch

Twin sister of Mesmyre, she was imprisoned by the king for his nefarious experiments.


Spider Witch

A laidback yet eclectic witch who can speak to the forest spiders and (literally) wants Chimmney’s head.



A rambunctious, mischievous half-witch who hates humans due to her father abandoning her.


Candy Shop Owner, Eun-Ji’s mother

A strict, judgmental candy shop owner who distrusts human outsiders and Jin’s sister.


Traveller, sibling of the Bounty Hunter

The runaway sibling of the Bounty Hunter who wants to live peacefully alongside witches and demons.

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