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What happens to Heaven and Hell when their creators vanish?

Angels and demons are left to fend for themselves when the Creator and His Adversary seemingly vanish overnight.

Hell becomes unstable, and angels must combat a mysterious plague.

A project run by my friend toc.

Main Characters



Gatekeeper of Hell

A surly, skeptical gatekeeper of Hell who somehow earned the title of Earl. When Archangel Laius sought the King’s audience, Ferrum was chosen to become his evaluator. Once he learns the angel’s presence grants him leisure time, he tests Laius’ patience by taking full advantage of that.



Powers of Heaven

A soft-spoken, compassionate angel of the Powers choir who is the closest associate and friend of Dominion Phestus. After making a grave mistake, he rescued Laius from danger and believes he must now atone for his sins by further protecting him.

Hell’s Denizens


Sower of Mischief

A lowly imp who is the loyal servant of Ferrum. It records everything Laius says and does.


Revenger of Wickedness

A sly and mischievous demon who specializes in (literal) human affairs and has a history with Ferrum.

Prince Iris

Prince of the Gates of Hell

A cold and iron-fisted Prince of Hell who lords over the gates and is the only one interested in Laius.

Viscount Acantha

Inquistor and Accuser

A secret member of the Aberrants who silently observes Laius’s journey from the shadows.

Marquis Furcas

Corrupters of Dreams, Bringer of Nightmares

A newly chosen Marquis who runs a chain of luxury bathhouses in Hell and is interested in Laius’ affairs.


Pet of Acantha

The pet cotylorhynchus of Viscount Acantha. Not many braincells in its head, to be quite honest.

Heaven’s Warriors


Messenger of Heaven

A clumsy yet kind angel from Dominion Orestes’ division who is under the tutelage of Laius.


Dominion of Heaven

A dignified yet self-righteous leader of Heaven’s lower choirs who is closest friends with J.


Virtues of Heaven

An angel who became skeptical of Heaven’s new leadership and now secretly leads the Aberrants.


Powers of Heaven

A determined defender of Heaven who’s given questionable orders from Seraph Carmara.


Dominion of Heaven

A reclusive leader who was once Agamemnon’s strict tutor, but now hides away in the confessionals.


Former Principalities of Heaven

The anarchistic leader of the Risen, and the last angel banished by God before His disappearance.


Dominion of Heaven

Coming soon.

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