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Ferrum is a surly, skeptical gatekeeper of Hell who somehow earned the title of Earl. When Archangel Laius sought the King’s audience, Ferrum was chosen to become his evaluator. Once he learns the angel’s presence grants him leisure time, he tests Laius’ patience by taking full advantage of that.


Ferrum is a tall demon who stands at 7’8″ (2.34m) and appears as a broad, burly, slightly paunchy anthropomorphic lion with a singular black horn, a damaged left ear, glowing magenta-red black-slitted eyes with black sclera, tattered black and red bat-like wings and a red and black spade-ended tail. His fur is black with gray markings, he sports a braided gray beard, and his mane is a lighter gray color. He is covered in scars from head to toe. His padded hands are blackened up to the forearm and glow (along with his tail and horns) with red infernal markings when using magic.

For fashion, he has two gold loop earrings on his right ear, and is normally seen wearing a leathery purple-pink poncho with angel charms— trophies from slain angels— sewn into the slit, a pink sash tied at the front of his waist, a purple-pink leathery skirt over a red and black miniskirt with red trimmings, a gold criss-cross fabric band around his left thigh and a leather strap over a tied red cloth around his right ankle.

In his human form, he appears as a scarred, hairy, brown-skinned 40-year old Pacific Islander man with black eyes and yellow sclera, ashy gray hair below the shoulders and an ashy gray goatee. He wears black-framed glasses, a pink leather collar, a pink spiked leather jacket over a pink sleeveless shirt with a heart-shaped chest hole, a purple belt, pink leather pants and purple spiked leather boots. His fingernails are painted black.


Ferrum is rude, curt, gruff, and prideful, keeping his conversations short especially if it’s with someone he views as beneath him (a lot of people). He is also a typical demon full of vices, with pride being his worst offense, and will only do favors for someone if it benefits him in some way. He rarely smiles, but when he does, nothing good comes out of it. He prides himself for being at the top of the food chain and if someone tries to disturb that, he’ll use fear and brute force to rectify this. Despite this, he isn’t a completely foolish brute; in fact, he’s very intelligent, but he prefers playing dumb for some reason.


Ferrum came from the blood waters like every other demon before him and was assigned to guard the gates of Hell, and earned the title of Earl, also known as Instruments of Iniquity and Wrath, after making many sacrifices. It’s unclear how old he is, but he has the mindset of someone in their 40s. Even though he is an Earl, he was forced back outside the gates to guard them, which made him miserable and ornery up until Laius came along.

Ferrum’s past is a mystery to Laius, and he prefers to keep it that way. He couldn’t care less about Laius but he is greatly suspicious of his intentions in Hell. While Ferrum says he’s loyal to his superiors, he uses Laius’ time in Hell for a vacation, and prolongs it by leading the angel astray. He doesn’t even inform Laius right away that the Adversary he so wishes to negotiate with on behalf of Heaven has vanished just like God.


  • He is left-handed.
  • His head is actually shaped more like a lioness’ head.
  • He wears reading glasses, of which he wears at all times as a human.
  • While unseen in his true form due to his mane, he wears a leather collar at all times around his neck to hide the poorly healed angel-inflicted scar underneath.
  • Ferrum used to go to the human world as part of his job as an Earl, using his shapeshifting abilities to blend in as a human in order to corrupt them. He also had to chase down those who fled or escaped Hell, humans and demons alike, as part of his original job as a gatekeeper. Usually he found the latter work annoying to do, but he wished he had even that to do instead of being stuck at the gates before Laius came along.
  • In humanoid disguises, he likes to wear high-heeled shoes because walking flat-footed feels weird to him.

Earl Ferrum


Nickname(s)Dickhead, Kittybear, Traitor
ClassEarl, Instruments of Iniquity and Wrath
AgeAgeless (40s apparent)
Height7’8″ / 2.34m
6’4″ / 1.93m (human form)
GenderMale (he/him)
PersonalityCurt, gruff, blunt, sardonic, boastful, prideful
WeaponsHis infernal magic-laden fists.
Unique AbilitiesShapeshifting
LikesSleeping, drinking, dominating someone, math, hot cocoa
DislikesSoftness, sensitive people, raising his voice, sour foods
VoiceclaimGraham McTavish


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