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Ferrum is a demon tasked to capture the powerful priestess Princess Emily and bring her to the demon court of princes so he can earn a promotion. Everything goes wrong from the start and he ends up bound to her as his familiar, and is stuck with her and an angel named Orestes.


Ferrum’s appearance is a little different in the AU: he has the color scheme of a regular lion rather than his black-and-gray color scheme. The other difference is he’s stuck wearing a hamsa rosary that binds him to Emily.


Ferrum’s personality is very much the same as his canonical personality, and he also matures in a similar manner, but he learns to be kinder while falling in love with Emily.


Ferrum comes from a demon clan near an active volcano which is ruled by the demon prince Iris. He had a cruel, uncompromising upbringing, so the ideas of softness and kind-hearted charity pisses him off severely. He was in a high position already from his ruthless climb to the top, but to earn more stripes, he was tasked to capture the priestess Princess Emily now that she left the barrier surrounding the kingdom Siorai, and he unquestioningly obeyed. He believed she would be a formidable opponent due to her strong, holy powers, so he planned her capture quickly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, it all goes wrong since she awoke earlier than expected after he captured her, and in her shock she reflexively blasted him with her holy magic. Puzzlingly, rather than fight back, she fled him, which only added more insult to injury in his eyes. He pursued her, waiting for her to get tired so he could capture her again, and intimidated her while she shielded herself behind a holy magic barrier. However, as she finally tired herself out, an angel named Orestes fought him to protect Emily. He didn’t plan to back down so easily, and wasn’t going to leave empty-handed, which Orestes knew. Just as he was about to launch another attack, Orestes bound him with a binding spell and let Emily bind him to her as a familiar.

Unable to break the spell, he’s reluctantly forced to be this timid and soft-hearted royal priestess’ familiar, but he realizes he can get away with a lot out of spite since she has no spine to stop him, much to Orestes’ disappointment.



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