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Ferrum is a bouncer, line cook, bartender, dishwasher and whatever else his boss makes him do for the Devil’s Hole, a bar out on the piers of a small town in east coast USA.


Ferrum pretty much looks the same as his human disguise in Judgment, but is 10 years younger and a lot more relaxed and cheerful.


Ferrum is a kind, laidback punk of an individual who has done a lot of terrible things in his youth but has done all he can to make up for it. While he can be kind and respectful, he can be highly sarcastic and also still a little emotionally mature. He also won’t take anyone’s shit and won’t let people get away with their horrible behavior. He does, however, like to watch people do stupid shit so they can learn their lesson— for example, he’ll act like he’ll race against someone revving their engine at him at a stop light, but then remain stationary after the light turns red so they’d get caught by the cop watching them from a corner the entire time.


WARNING: Brief mentions of hard drug use, alcoholism and slur reclamation.

Born James Gregory Faleola McCoy, Ferrum is originally from the central Lowlands of Scotland and is the son of two mothers, Sean (“ma”) and Crystal (“mum”), and the oldest of his three siblings Fiona, Ashley, and John. His family has been living for several generations in Scotland, so much of his cultural identity as a Tongan has been erased during their cultural assimilation. He doesn’t really care much about it either way, and simply self-identifies as Scottish to everyone.

Since he was a child, he was rowdy and outgoing, and has been calling himself a bisexual faggot and a proud one at that. He was heavily influenced by his carefree alcoholic mum, so he was always getting into trouble and making the wrong decisions for the fun of it. He had the capacity to be kind and affectionate, and sometimes he was, but he felt it was always funnier to rattle people instead since he lacked the emotional maturity to express himself better. He was highly intelligent, however, but he also has ADHD, so paying attention to his studies was near impossible due to how easy and tedious things became; he had the capacity to excel in school, but felt it was all meaningless. He never went to university after finishing secondary education, much to the chagrin of his ma who wanted him to do something better with his life since most of their family was poor.

Unfortunately, in his adulthood he made more terrible decisions that got him into a bad crowd when he moved to the US with his sister Fiona, who kicked him out for it. Despite meeting his more level-headed, long-term girlfriend Sarin and moving in with her, they had a horribly toxic relationship where, while somehow rarely getting caught, shoplifted for fun, destroyed property, committed arson, did all kinds of pyschedelic drugs, got into fist/knife fights, and broke up several times then immediately made up afterwards. He also relished in causing drama and betraying those who expressed even a little bit of dissent towards him. He was, to describe it succinctly, a very awful and pathetic man who only cared about indulging in his vices.

His mum only encouraged this, and he rarely listened to his ma’s harsh but well-intentioned warnings. This led to a cycle of depression, drug abuse, and alcoholism, and eventually it got worse enough that he got into heroin. Sarin, who left their toxic friends and was cleaning up her act at the time, eventually found out and told him to stop or she’ll kick him out. He didn’t listen, and ended up living in his car for a while since all of his “friends” turned their backs on him out of apathy. With nowhere else to go, he went back to his sister, who reluctantly took him in on the condition that he clean himself up.

He was a former shell of himself when she took him in, and it took him a long, arduous 5 years to get his act together. Fiona wasn’t the kindest to him since she simply didn’t know how to handle the situation, but he felt like he needed the tough love. The biggest reason he wanted to improve his life was because he didn’t want his nephew Tersus, who his sister was still carrying at the time, to be around someone who could negatively influence him. He had also matured during the time he was recovering, and finally realized his mum only encouraged all of his bad habits; he slowly talked to her less to avoid relapsing, which did happen several times, and then eventually stopped talking to her all-together, only keeping up with his ma’s updates of her. He struggled to keep a job for more than three months, but eventually he’d remain in one long enough to support himself better.

Nowadays, Ferrum is still much of a rowdy punk but he’s more mature and kind. He got into drag for fun, and went back to school to get an associate’s degree in computer science since that was always his interest as a kid; he also met his boyfriend Laius there. He now lives with him and his other future boyfriend J(oseph). He somehow landed a programming job at a tech company, and while it made him a fat paycheck, he absolutely hated everything about it so he left after a year and is now working at a bar called the Devil’s Hole while doing programming help on the side.


  • Ferrum’s nickname comes from some video game he played as a kid, and it stuck ever since. Most people call him his nickname despite knowing his real name, which is so plain that people forget it anyways.
  • Ferrum’s facial scars are a combination of wounds from knife fights and a fall at the playground when he was 10.

James McCoy


NameJames Gregory Faleola McCoy
Age30 (August 6th ♌︎)
Height6’4″ / 1.93m
GenderMale (he/him)
PersonalityLaidback, kind, intelligent, immature, overly sarcastic
LikesHands-on activities, programming, makeup, doing drag, his boss
DislikesTech culture, his shitty job, cleaning, losing his temper, sleeved shirts, Furbies, Funko Pops


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