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J is an angel of the Powers choir who is best friends and in unrequited love with Phestus.


J appears as a tall, space-skinned (literally) humanoid angel who stands at 6’3″ (1.95m). He has large, white wings that split into three sections, and an unconnected halo that bends upward in the back. His eyes are a glowing pure white.

For fashion, he wears all white clothes. He wears a veil tied at the front, a pañuelo with gold trimming, and a high-collared, long-sleeved top. He wears a sash around his waist that’s secured with gold rope, which also secures another gold-trim sash that hangs down below his knee. He wears a long, pleated skirt, and wears fabric boots with a golden seam running down the center.

His holy weapons of choice are talismans and a meteor hammer which he uses to subdue his foes before vanquishing them.


J is a soft-spoken and compassionate individual who, despite being a Powers, will only use violence as a last resort. Even though his main mission is to fight demons, he prefers banishing them back to Hell instead of obliterating them unless they’re deemed too dangerous.

He appears optimistic and is a very trusting person despite fears of the Hunger splintering trust between angels. However, he is also indecisive and self-conscious, leading him to put things off until it’s too late, which only further exacerbates his lack of self-worth. He is also easily made nervous from stressful situations and will press his hands together underneath his chin (as if he’s praying) to calm himself.


J, like all other angels, was created as a messenger and warrior of God. He is a Powers angel, the ones who are on the front lines against demons and are also keepers of history. It’s unclear how old he is, but he has the mindset of someone in their 20s.

Some unknown amount of time ago, J fell in love with his superior Phestus and praised him for his efforts against evil, becoming friends. Unfortunately, his love went largely unnoticed since Phestus turned his attention to a human that he fell in love with. Even after the untimely death of Phestus’ lover, J never confessed since Phestus eternally grieved, and J ultimately didn’t want to compete with the dead. Instead, he remained by Phestus’ side as an eternal friend to lean on, fighting the good fight against demons. He spent a great deal of time on Earth to scout things for Phestus, but never interacted much with humans and mostly kept in touch with the other Powers visiting Earth.

After God’s disappearance, he was left in a permanent state of anxiety and clung to Phestus for guidance, but Phestus’ newer responsibilities made it difficult for them to spend more time with each other. J spends most of his time now wandering the endless halls of Heaven or on Earth sitting alone in the apartment that he was recently gifted by a human (which he couldn’t refuse out of virtue). He wishes some sort of miracle would happen so Phestus would notice him again, and he eventually gets that wish… but at a cost.


  • J is ambidextrous.
  • J wears a blindfold to avoid harming the minds of humans with his blinding eyesight.
  • When he despairs, his skin will turn completely black, but the opposite happens when he’s surprised or flustered, having more stars and nebulae appearing on his skin.
  • J has an elderly neighbor in his apartment complex on Earth who likes to feed him since she pities how poor he seems. He always accepts all gifts given to him, but he hates the action of eating things, so all of the leftovers she’s given him are molding in the fridge as we speak.
  • The words written on his sash and talismans are in Baybayin script, translated from Tagalog. The calligraphic script format is not an official way to write Baybayin, it’s purely done for aesthetics. I added this into his design for personal reasons related to my own culture, so don’t dig too deep into its implications.

Powers J


NicknamesPigeon shite, Freshmeat
AgeAgeless (mid-20s apparent)
Height6’3″ / 1.95m
GenderMale (he/him)
PersonalityTrusting, compassionate, sympathetic, cowardly, avoidant, hesitant
WeaponsHoly Talismans, Holy Meteor Hammer
Unique AbilitiesLightning speed flight
LikesPhestus, humans, laughter, doing the right thing
DislikesFighting, the Hunger, computers
VoiceclaimJohnny Yong Bosch


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