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Phestus is an angel of the Dominions choir who believes Hell and all who ally themselves with it must be destroyed in order to achieve peace.

He is best friends with J, and has a complex relationship with his colleague Orestes .


Phestus appears as a tall, strangely proportioned (long limbs, large hands), ivory white humanoid angel that stands at 7’2″ (2.18m), and has a flaming head with blue highlights. On the back of his head is a large, blindingly white halo. He has two sets of golden-brown and light blue wings, with the top pair being smaller than the bottom pair. He has a singular blue-green eye.

For fashion, he wears a white fullbody armor set with gold embellishments and a visor. Around his hips is a red cape secured by his armor. Underneath his armor, he wears red clothing and wrappings.

His holy weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.


Phestus is a very orderly and dignified individual, but he is self-righteous and a bit of a narcissist. He tends to make conversations about himself, and tends to be blinded by his own judgment. While he cares greatly for angels and humans, and believes that (almost) all of them are worthy of forgiveness should they repent, he is still firm in his judgment. Due to his past, he loathes demons and believes they shouldn’t exist at all. However, there is also a deeply anxious, deeply insecure side of him that only J has seen.


Phestus, like all other angels, was created as a warrior and messenger of God. He is a Dominion who passes on the orders of the highest tier down to the lower choirs. It’s unclear how old he is, but he has the mindset of someone in their mid-30s.

Some unknown amount of time ago, Phestus was made in charge of Powers angels like J, and after J personally praised Phestus for his work they became friends. Phestus fell in love with a human some time later, but after a demon took that human’s life, he spent his personal time crusading against them alongside J up until God’s disappearance. After God disappeared and the Hunger began to spread, he hid his eye with a visor to appear strong to everyone, but deep down he is terrified, anxious, and uncertain of the future. There is also a boiling rage within him, believing God’s disappearance has something to do with his demonic foes, but he refuses to act unless the upper triad give the orders.

Lately, he’s had to spend more time in Heaven directing and training his subordinates, but when he makes time for himself, he spends it sparring or giving out motivational speeches. Being so overworked now has put a strain on his and J’s relationship, but Phestus believes J will understand that it’s necessary they continue their work.


  • Phestus is claustrophobic.
  • He is trans.

Dominion Phestus


AgeAgeless (mid-30s apparent)
Height7’2″ / 2.18m
GenderMale (he/him)
PersonalityDisciplined, dignified, confident, self-righteous, anxious, violent
WeaponsHoly Bow and Arrow
Unique Abilities(tk)
LikesOrder, humanity, doling out justice, laughter, rabbits
DislikesDemons, not being the center of attention, slackers
VoiceclaimTerence Stamp


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