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Sarin is a Revenger of Wickedness who specializes in human affairs (literally) and is in an off-and-on relationship with Ferrum. She causes him strife while he’s chaperoning Laius around Hell.


Sarin is a tall, slim, long, red and pink hooded snake demon who stands at 5’10” (1.98m) but her full head-to-tail-tip length is much longer and variable (basically, whatever eye level height will serve the scene). She has black-slitted yellow eyes with black sclera, and oversized fangs.

For fashion, she usually wears blue eyeshadow, a black gold-studded collar, a pale blue top and a pale blue skirt. She also wears a gold spiral bracelet on her right forearm, several gold bracelets, and a red cloth around her left forearm.

For fashion, she usually wears blue eyeshadow, a black gold-studded collar, a pale blue top and a pale blue skirt. She also wears a gold spiral bracelet on her right forearm, several gold bangles, and a red cloth around her left forearm. For other clothes, she prefers wearing fabrics that are thin, soft and silk-like, and also likes wearing gold jewelry.


Sarin comes off as a very sly and calculating demon, manipulating situations to bend to her favor. She usually gets someone else to do the fighting for her, and will slip away cloaking herself in camouflage when she can’t win. Because of this, she comes off as cowardly, but she says it’s because she knows when to pick her battles. However, deep down she is very compassionate and sympathetic, caring more for the less-privileged folks like her, and saving her ire for the elites of Hell— something Ferrum is very familiar with. She also gets very petty and vindictive about those who wrong her and the people she likes, which usually leads to making things worse.


Sarin is part of the lowest hierarchy of demons as a Revenger of Wickedness. She corrupts and tortures humans who cheat on their partners, but also terrorizes other demons who do the same. It’s unclear how old she is, but she has the mindset of someone in their 40s.

Sarin’s job involves “revealing the true nature of an evil human” to further corrupt their souls until they’re unsalvageable for angels, and so she specializes in destroying the lives or straight up killing people unfaithful to their partners. She spends more time on Earth than in Hell because of her job, but it’s set somewhere within specific boundaries that she’s unable to leave. She is able to get by using various human disguises, sometimes of existing people to spice things up, but whenever she gets into trouble she lays low in Hell for a while. She has a great deal of friends and partners as a result of her charisma and job. She has a past with Ferrum but remains bitterly vague about it, and despite the tension between them, she keeps in touch… mostly to antagonize him.

Sarin was living a relatively ordinary life (for a demon) up until the Infernal Princes took over. Due to the inner conflicts surfacing after this, she and many other demons were left neglected by them, leading to territorial disputes within their designated areas, and also being vulnerable to angels who are now appearing in pairs or more in response to the number of demons stuck on Earth. Left vulnerable to both opposing sides, she spends more time in Hell recuperating while trying to convince the Council to pay attention to what’s going on outside of Hell.

When she discovers Ferrum is chaperoning an archangel named Laius around Hell, she gets a little jealous of Ferrum’s vacation and tries to kill Laius. Ferrum gets suspicious of her doing less of her job lately, but he never presses her about it for some reason.


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ClassRevengers of Wickedness
AgeAgeless (40s apparent)
Height5’10” / 1.78m (usual standing height, can be variable lengths)
GenderFemale (she/her)
PersonalityKind, cunning, compassionate, opportunistic, vindictive
WeaponsWhatever she finds on hand
Unique AbilitiesCamouflage, shapeshifting, corrosive spit, demonic venom
LikesJewelry, cats, geckos, affection, Earth
DislikesDogs, birds, commitment, money, boredom, her job
VoiceclaimRenée Victor


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