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Tersus is a lowly imp demon bound to Ferrum as a servant. It acts as his courier, messenger, secretary, maid and whatever else Ferrum needs at the moment. He records everything Laius says and does.


Tersus is a very plain and simple void-colored imp demon that stands at 3’2″(0.97m). It has a childlike appearance, and is a little chubby. It has 5 eyes, sharp yellow teeth, clawed hands, and a tail. He has digitigrade legs that are clawed paws with padding. It is also magically bound to Ferrum, so sometimes shackles of infernal magic will appear around his neck and extremities.

For fashion, it normally only wears pants, specifically a sâmpót châng kbĕn, and prefers being shirtless.


Tersus is selectively mute and sort of has a childlike demeanor, which is very unusual for demons. It’s easily made happy, but also gets mad and overstimulated just as easily, and will enact petty, murderous acts out of jealousy and feels no remorse for killing someone. He’s entertained very easily with drawing, toys and explosive objects, and likes to play pranks on others, which he usually gets away with since messing with him means messing with Ferrum.

However, he is very loyal but only to Ferrum, and just stays on his best behavior around the higher-ups to avoid being turned into paste. He specifically hates one person the most, which is Ferrum’s friend and associate Earl Anorak. They love to “play” with him, which means bullying him and tossing him around whenever they cross paths. Tersus does try to fight back but it’s futile.


Tersus is a Sower of Mischief, the lowest of the hierarchy in Hell, and is treated as such by everyone.

Since Tersus is mute, his past is a mystery to Laius but he wouldn’t reveal it to him anyways. Laius only knows he’s a servant, but he can tell he has some sort of past with Ferrum since he seems to treat it well compared to other demons he views beneath him. Laius tries to be amicable with Tersus, but Tersus is having none of it.

Ever since Ferrum was forced to guard the gates, Tersus had been living alone in Ferrum’s manor keeping it clean and drawing, playing with his toys, games or pet trilobite since he had no purpose for Ferrum during that time, and it was too dangerous for him to be alone out on the streets. When he gets a chance to be useful again, he constantly vies for Ferrum’s attention, but since Laius is taking up all his time, he gets incredibly jealous. He is forced to be a recordkeeper for whatever Laius says and does, and has to send his reports to Prince Iris’ advisor.

Annoyed by this, he plans on hurting Laius somehow when it gets the chance.


  • Tersus has never left Hell.
  • He likes to play with firecrackers and snap bangs.



ClassSower of Mischief
AgeAgeless (child-minded)
Height3’2″ / 0.97m
GenderGenderless (he/it)
PersonalityLoyal, brave, mischievous, petty
WeaponsSnap bangs, teeth
Unique AbilitiesTeleportation (but very limited)
LikesShiny things, ribbons, frilly clothes, Halloween decor, board games, Sarin
DislikesLaius, Anorak


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