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04/14/24: Edited her character sheet to include additional details. Also gave her a darker skin tone since I didn’t notice she looked kinda pale (it’s the clothes that threw me off).


Theophania is a bubbly and kindhearted messenger of the Angels choir who is under the tutelage of Archangel Laius .


Theophania’s true form is a small, furry, round angel of variable height between 3″ (7.6cm)- 12″ (30.5cm) with two sets of wings. She has two red, star-shaped eyes on her top wings, and on her body is one red humanoid eye with gold sclera and two red eyes on each side of it, which are all at an angle. She has a typical halo above her head. Around the top right wing is a small ring inscribed with holy magic, and a larger ring of the same characteristics is on her bottom left wing.

In her glamour, she appears as a short, black woman standing at 4’11” (1.5m), with a golden halo above her head, short, curly white-gold hair, white gold-tipped wings draped on the sides of her head, gold eyes, and a pair of large, white, gold-tipped wings sprouting from her back. She wears gold lipstick, white gloves, and a frilly pale gold bonnet with a charm attached to the left side. The rings around her wings are now around her wrists. She wears a white-gold ruffled capelet over a long, pale gold overcoat; the overcoat is fastened below the bust with a cross and ribbons with charms at the end of them, and underneath is a pale gold frilly long-sleeved dress over a white petticoat. Finally, she wears white stockings and pale-gold short, strapped heels.


Theophania is a very bubbly, kind-hearted, gentle and understanding angel towards just about any situation, believing that just about any soul can be saved from eternal damnation, but she is easily scared and hates conflict. She is also a bit of an inattentive slacker, so she’s been assigned a tutor to keep her in check. She may also sometimes come off as ignorant with her curiosity. Since all angels must train for combat, she can hold her own in simple fights… when she’s disguised as a human. Otherwise, she struggles to hit even the closest targets in her real form.


Theophania, like all other angels, was created as a messenger for God. She is a messenger for humanity— the lowest tier of the angelic hierarchy. It’s unclear how old she is, but in her human glamour she appears as someone in their 20s.

Theophania has been a part of Orestes’ division for as long as she can remember. She was always a positive force with her job, never really questioning her position in the hierarchy and always respecting her superiors, but she has a hard time focusing and likes to play with humans and their technology more than just delivering the word of God. Since Orestes doesn’t like being strict, he assigned Laius as her tutor to keep her focused. Laius is patient with her despite not understanding her strange ways, especially with her constantly wearing human glamour that eventually tires her out, but she bonded with him very quickly and views him like an older brother.

After God’s disappearance, she kept up a cheerful demeanor and tried to keep her head high, but it’s clear she’s been shaken up by the hysteria plaguing the angels. Like all other angels, she’s been made to work harder and now must travel in pairs on Earth due to the strange uptick of demons lately. While there is a creeping doubt in the back of her mind over the point of leaving messages for an absent God, she believes keeping humanity’s faith alive will eventually bring Him back.


  • She intentionally looks like some kind of Lolita fashion wearer or cosplayer because she just loves how that looks.
  • Two-winged angels usually have their wings sprouting out from below their shoulder blades, but Theophania does not abide by this in her human glamor.

Messenger Theophania


ClassAngel (Messenger)
AgeAgeless (20s apparent)
Height3″ / 7.6cm- 12″ / 30.5cm (natural form)
4’11” / 1.5m (human disguise)
GenderFemale (she/her)
PersonalityBubbly, kind-hearted, gentle, blissfully ignorant, clumsy
WeaponsHoly Sabers
Unique AbilitiesNone
LikesHumanity, sweets, rabbits, ballet, singing (especially karaoke), dancing, frilly clothing, arcades
DislikesConflict of any kind, being scolded, demons, radio towers, scratchy fabrics
VoiceclaimCree Summer


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