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This character’s creation and story predates the debut of Knull and therefore will not follow the new lore involving symbiotes.


BLT is a bounty hunter working for a syndicate run by Tilia. They don’t really know much about their past or their original purpose, and they originally didn’t feel like looking into it since they’re too busy working for their boss in order to find their friend, but it eventually comes into question when they discover they’re actually a cyborg.


BLT is a tall cyborg who stands at 7’7″ (2.31m) and appears as a broad, shapely, dark purple robot with a light blue cracked visor and two white eyes surrounded by black markings. On their right shoulder is the company logo of the mysterious organization who created them. There are bright yellow triangular markings on both hands above where the middle finger knuckle would be. Their feet are painted to resemble red and white sneakers.

As for fashion, they usually wear casual clothing and they normally wear a purple hoodie underneath a red and yellow varsity jacket, along with waist-high ripped denim jeans.

In their symbiote form, a dark purple and black biomass surrounds their entire body, with their head resembling a Hemse alien, but with larger white eyes, an elongated mouth full of pointed teeth and a long tongue. Their height varies while in this form, but it is usually somewhere around 8′-9′ (2.44m-2.74m).


BLT is a laidback individual who takes life as easy as possible, but they’re very quiet and a little withdrawn. They’re very generous towards those around them despite what their job entails, and it’s easy for them to feel sympathetic towards someone in need. They’re also very curious, and while they originally chose to remain in the dark about their own origins, curiosity eventually begets them and they investigate. However, they’re known to be sarcastic and petty, especially towards unsavory folks, which can sometimes land them into big trouble.


BLT’s origins remained a mystery to them in the beginning. They had no memories of their past or their own name when they woke up in an abandoned research facility, and when they wandered out of it they encountered a man known as the Scavenger. He was an ex-cop turned bounty hunter who took them in and, when asking for their name, they chose the name BLT after glancing at a sticker on a paper sandwich wrap they saw on the floor of the passenger seat.

BLT quickly befriended the Scavenger and became one of the bounty hunters for the Scavenger’s boss, Tilia. The Scavenger wasn’t exactly the most moralistic of men and did what he could to survive, especially working for a syndicate, and this left a bad impression on BLT. BLT finally saw that some of the things he did were wrong, and even argued with him a couple times later on. Despite this, both of them had a good relationship and stuck together up until the Scavenger ran into a string of bad luck with his boss.

The Scavenger, desperate to pay off his life-threatening debts, turned on BLT who blacked out after he busted their face. After regaining consciousness, they found themself crash-landed on a low-gravity planet. Unable to remember what happened, they simply thought he ditched them to run away from the boss. Tilia was expectedly as upset as them with the Scavenger running away, and placed his debt onto BLT along with tasking them to find him.

BLT wasn’t thrilled to be tethered to this woman and her syndicate for much longer, but they made the best out of it, helping out others in need when they could. They eventually met a woman named Shawn and fell in love with her, but they grew apart due to BLT’s busying line of work. They remained friends, and Shawn also has been trying to find a way to repair their visor since she can’t seem to find any parts like it. This has made them wonder about their origins, and eventually they learn the horrific truth about themself during a mission: they’re a cyborg, or more specifically, a cyborg bonded to a symbiote.

A hit to the same place the Scavenger hit them made them see red this time instead of blacking out. They felt themself change into something monstrous and bloodthirsty, and before they almost killed their target they were able to regain control over their own body, and also revert back to their normal form. Confused and horrified, they took a crowbar to their own chassis and opened it up to find a gruesome mix of organs, wires and a biomass that anyone could recognize as a symbiote. After learning this truth, they decided to investigate their own past.

They returned to the abandoned facility they found themself in all those years ago, and discovered they were originally a symborg designated as CJN-009, and their original host was a Hemse alien named Jassak, and the symbiote was known as Quasar. Nothing else could be found about them, and BLT doesn’t understand which mind they could truly be, or whether any remnants of either personality still exist. This is when they decided to further investigate more about themself, and also the organization that created them.


  • BLT was technically engineered 5 years ago, and thus has only existed for that long, but they have the mindset of a mid-20 year old.
  • BLT was originally created as a mashup child (called a Deadly Mistake) of Canti from FLCL and Venom from a non-specific universe of the Spider-Man series, but has since then been repurposed into a more original character.



Given NamesJassak, Quasar, CJN-009
Nickname(s)Sandwich Man, Big Bro, B
OccupationBounty Hunter
AgeUnknown (20s apparent)
Height7’7″ / 2.31m
Variable (symbiote form)
GenderNonbinary (they/them)
PersonalityKind, laidback, curious, sarcastic, petty
WeaponsGiant bazooka thing
Unique AbilitiesEnhanced strength and durability, camouflage, shapeshifting, constituent-matter generation and manipulation
LikesAnimals, being nonverbal, casual clothing (especially jeans)
DislikesSpeaking too long, hot temperatures, loud ringing sounds, hitchhikers touching the thermostat


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