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Anthony is a laidback but avoidant programmer from the US who goes to Finland to clean up the property he inherited from his mother. There, he encounters a monstrous tree god who inhabits the woods surrounding the property, and after setting aside their differences, he befriends and falls in love with it.




Anthony was born to an American-Finnish mother and an American-Indian father, and is the oldest of 3 siblings. His mother worked as a park ranger, and his father owned a business in real estate. He had a rough childhood with a mother who originally showered him with affection but became neglectful and disdainful later in life as her health failed, and his father’s love was self-serving, and he placed many responsibilities on Anthony; he was also abusive.

Anthony always wanted to be an artist as a kid, but quickly realized it wasn’t considered a respectable career so he choose to get into the STEM field. He had a knack for programming and organizing data, so he focused on that instead to get away from his parents. Due to the trauma from his parents’ abuse, he isn’t very close to his siblings even though he helped raise them, but they all keep in touch. He was always an average student, though, even in college, but his skills eventually landed him a job where he could live alone.

While living alone had its perks, he was incredibly lonely and soon began to hate his job when he never received pay raises to combat his ever-increasing rent. His dad also expected him to pay back the money he borrowed for his college tuition, and also all of the money he ends up borrowing later on due to increasing bills. He didn’t have many friends nearby, his relationships never went well since he was a flake, and he ghosted people whenever they showed any signs of deeper affection for him. His last relationship from several years ago ended poorly because he couldn’t accept someone wanted to marry him. He regrets what he did, but never really confronted it in the present.

At some point in his adulthood, his mother divorced his father and lived alone. From there he lost contact with her, and only learned about her death when his father called him up to talk about the house Anthony inherited in her will. His father convinced him to go to Finland and clean up the property so he can sell it off and pay off all his debts he owes his dad. Anthony reluctantly goes, only to find out the place is a dump, and his family has history with a monstrous god of nature inhabiting the woods surrounding the house on the property. Anthony discovers the house is under the protection of a spell that keeps the monster out, but once he learns what it wants he makes peace with it and begins to learn more about the struggles they share with their loneliness.


  • He had an overweight British Blue cat in his childhood named Jay.
  • He is a furry. His fursona is an otter.
  • He is an active member of popular furry communities and regularly commissions artists to draw his ottersona.
  • He used to use tumblr as a diary, but now he mostly reblogs posts instead.
  • He likes to let people know he shares a birthday with Anne Hathaway.



NameAnthony Seppä
RaceWhite (Finnish), Indian
Age29 (born November 12 ♏)
Height6′ / 1.83m
GenderMale (he/him)
PersonalityCreative, chill, problem-solver, distant, stubborn, avoidant
LikesBuilding databases, drawing, furries, weed, burning things
DislikesBurning things, smoking, his art, the state of the web, being lonely


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